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Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus

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The Solar Generator 2000 Plus delivers a mega 2 kWh – 24 kWh expandable capacity. Expand all the way with gigantic 24 kWh, by adding a battery pack and solar panels. Ideal for off-grid living, and powering you during extended blackouts. Taking an amazing 2 hours for a full solar charge – power has become fully independent, charging with solar energy.

– Expandable for Versatile Scenarios: 2-24 kWh of expandable capacity

– Leaping Performance: Powers Heavy-duty Devices up to 6000W

– Ultra Fast Solar Charging: Advanced IBC Technology, Fast Solar Charge in 2 Hours

– Long-lasting Reliability: Outstanding LiFePO4 Battery with 10-Year Lifespan

– ChargeShield Technology: Using a unique variable-speed charging algorithm, fast charge technology boosts battery life by 50%

– High Power Output: Maximum 6,000 W power in parallel connection and 120/240V expandable voltage


Capacity: 2042.8Wh
Cell Chemistry: LFP (LiFePO4 battery)
Cycle life: 4000 cycles to 70%+ capacity
AC Output(x5): AC Output(×4):120V~ 60Hz, 20A Max, AC Output(×1):120V~ 60Hz, 25A Max, AC Total Output,3000W Max, 6000W surge peak
USB-A Output(x2): Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max
USB-C Output(x2): 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)
Car Port(x1): 12V⎓10A
AC Input: 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max
Charge mode AC input: 120V~ 60Hz, 15A Max
Bypass mode AC input/output: 120V~ 60Hz, 12A Max
DC Input: 11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max 17.5V-60V, 12A Max, Double to 24A/1400W Max
Weight: 61.5 lbs(27.9 kg)
Height: 14.1in (35.94cm)
Width: 18.6in (47.3cm)
Length: 14.7in (37.36cm)
Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 19.5 in


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